The Mission

Our mission lies in our identity. The Millennial Discourse seeks to tell stories through both print and video that sparks conversation, cultivates community; expanding and connecting millennials around the world while always providing encouragement, inspiration and information, and stories that compel people to live in the highest expression of themselves, one that is whole, healthy and fulfilling.

The Movement

The Millennial Discourse exists to provide a platform for conducive dialogue and collaboration while always providing encouragement, inspiration and information.  By connecting millennials around the world to touch and greatly impact the 7 mountains of influence; Religion (biblical Christianity as recorded in the book of Acts), Family, Education, Government, Media, Arts and Entertainment and Business, centered around a central publication quarterly. We envision engaging our audience in the following manner(s):

  • Quarterly Publication (Magazine)

  • Online Article Upload/Production twice a month

  • Written Features/Interviews/Collaborations

  • Engaging audience/followers by weekly social media post

  • The Jay Shakur Show: Expanded form of our social media segment “video correspondence”

Benefits of Affiliation/Collaboration (in development)

  • Exclusive Access to Publications (print media or otherwise) and Product

  • Consolidated networking and collaborative opportunities with likeminded individuals

  • Periodic Video Updates/Communications/Webinars

  • Access to specific and special leadership development/training

The Magazine (in development)

The ‘movement’ is centered around one notable publication (quarterly i.e. 4 times a year) The Millennial Discourse which exists to provide a platform for conducive dialogue and collaboration between and across all demographics and sectors with an emphasis on Millennials.

The Man  


Jay-Juan Shakur Jones, a native of Chicago, Illinois and currently a student at Howard University, majoring in Communications with a concentration in Journalism, is a millennial who has one overwhelming desire—he wants to change the world. He feels the only way that this can be done is by and through strategic evangelistic community building. He has said; “community never excludes diversity, it celebrates it and one can never know their true capacity without the sustained context of community”. Thus, it is with those views in mind that The Millennial Discourse was birthed.

To date, Jay-Juan has served in many distinct ways, both spiritually and secularly. He has volunteered to serve veterans through the National Honors Society (NHS), he led a youth ministry at his family church for 3 years. Also, while in high school, he wrote, directed and produced two full-length stage plays (Suddenly in Love & Mixed Company) examining society’s views on such issues as interracial relationship, socio-economic disparities and love, as he has observed such. Most pronounced is his great love for reading and writing, having had two of his essays published and shared throughout his high school’s community. He is not stopping until he has aided in changing lives around this world. 

"Unity is not conformity, it is a celebration of difference."