Weightier Matters


Today, I didn’t feel like writing in a traditional manner. Today I just wanted to give of my heart, from a true place. Millennials from any and everywhere I want you to know that seeking God for his true power and searching for the God of the Bible is our portion. We shall do the miraculous; we will raise the dead, we shall heal the sick, we shall cleanse the leper and more! I want you to have a zeal to see the power of God, and I want you to seek him for it until you are endowed with power. But I also want you to consider that in the end the foundations of the gospel stand on faith, hope & love (1 Corinthians 13:13) The greatest of these is LOVE. Never forget the love walk that God has entrusted to you. Love in truth. Don’t be a coward about your love; love hard, love violently, love relentlessly.

Always remember from that which you came; when you were lost in sin, Jesus first loved you (1 John 4:19). Let that permeate into the fabric of your being. When you want to be petty; love instead. When you want to demean; love more, when you are RIGHT; love in humility and when you have every right to pay someone back for something they did, love them anyway. Let us never forget the power that calls men from obscurity, the power that tells the insecure they can be more than they ever imagined, the power that showed the sorrowful that someone cared when no one else did. Let us walk in the power of God in the highest magnitude but let us also find the highest magnitude of love—the bond of perfection (Colossians 3:14).

The Barber's Confessional:  A Conversation with Wade Menendez

The Barber's Confessional: A Conversation with Wade Menendez

Random Assignment?

Random Assignment?