Finish & Start

It’s now December, the end of the year, and we’re going into 2019. We’re getting closer to 2020, closer to futuristic year of Zenon (that was for my early 90s babies haha). Our focus for the new year is on our new goals and new missions. We’re starting to understand future and becoming future minded, BUT one thing we must do is...finish what we started.

 Normally, with New Years resolutions, we create new things without finishing the old that we started. We make goals of weight loss, hair growth, muscle growth, becoming an author, overcoming a fear, becoming comfortable in our new move, etc. The next year comes and we have new businesses, and then we stop and realize something. We realize that we started hasn’t helped us brake out of the old mindsets and cycles of our past. What if I told you that the assignments of God are directly tied to doors opening & doors closing in our lives...spiritually, physically and mentally? If we look even at Elisha and the lady with oil in 2 Kings, there were empty vessels. Empty meaning they completed the former work and assignment they needed to and know they are ready for a new amount of oil and assignment. When the lady with the oil came back, God commanded her to shut the door and to pour the oil within the empty vessels. God tells her to go and pay her debts with this oil. Once she paid off her debts with the oil, she had overflow!

 As we are living vessels unto God, we must be empty to be filled. If we are heavy and filled with old habits, motives, and ways of doing things, there’s no way God can advance us or end cycles within us. It may seem like your advancing at one point, but the end of the new comes and you still are struggling with the same things from two years ago. After you become empty and ready to be filled, you will allow the door to be closed on the old. Now, the new will be filled in and you will be used for an even greater assignment! Those new ideas will come and you will appreciate them even more. Lastly, God opens new doors and with overflow!

 Like my Apostle said, declutter yourself, end this season with a strong finish, and start off the new strong, secure and BOLD!

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