What's Love?

In basic conversation about relationships, whether romantic or platonic, love is a very much so discussed topic. Many of us are living with the thought that love can be sometimes wrong, as in how it is acted out and given to someone else. Also, many think that love can sometimes not be enough for a relationship. Society has used love in such pointless ways that even in the Christian community, we do not truly know what love is. We throw 1st Corinthians 13 around frivolously. So what I will do for you is show you the difference between the definition and the characteristics of love and why there is no such thing as fake love. Enjoy. 

First, the definition of love is not what you will find when you type "l-o-v-e" into your Google search bar. That definition is far from the real deal. It's not a far-fetched definition or too complex to understand, the actual meaning that is. The definition of love is solely God. 1st John 4:8. 

Love is not sex. Love is not the way someone looks at you. These are all things that we have resorted to as the definition of love when we see them. Which is why a lot of relationships go to waste because we do not truly know what love is and what it should look like. 

So with God being the definition of love. Some might ask why isn't it 1 Corinthians 13. Well, that scripture is the characteristics of love/God, not the actual definition. Love being patient and kind and not rude are actions, descriptions as to what love (the action) should look like. This scripture should be how you notice God in your life. Throughout the entire Bible, you can see God doing all of these things for His children. Which makes these descriptors the characteristics of love and not what actually defines it. 

The characteristics of God is how we should live day to day. Our relationship with God should be how we love God (John 14:15). So then our relationships with people should show in how we love ourselves, or in other words, how we love the God inside of us. That is why the bible says to treat people the way you want to be treated. You want people to love you regardless of your actions you should do the same. 

The characteristics of God is how we should live day to day. Our relationship with God should be how we love God...

Now here is why there is no such thing as "fake love." Interchange that word love with God. Ask yourself is God sometimes fake or not enough or wrong? No. No. And no. If you are "God"ing (loving) someone it should be in its pure form. This is where Satan comes in. He will give you a couple characteristics of love and not all of them, to make it seem like love when it is not. That is why we have to be diligent in making sure we show the 1st Corinthians 13 because when we act it out it will be easy to see; notice when it is love and when it is not. 

Be mindful that just because someone shows the characteristics of love does not mean it is love. They MUST have God. There can be no separation. If one does not know God, one does not know Love. That is where many of us get mixed up and end up settling for something less than love in our relationships. We see that someone is not prideful and is patient with us that its automatically love. But that person isn't saved, doesn't believe in God, in a world of "perception is reality" we tend to easily fall for the imitation of love rather than love itself.....

This is a synopsis of love. More to come. 

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Be blessed. 

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