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FORGIVE & LIVE FEARLESSLY: A Conversation with Dr. Joan Samuels-Dennis PH.D

In this edition of summer preview season, I talk with Dr. Joan Samuels-Dennis PH.D. She is the director and founder of Becoming Inc. She practices and teaches a "holistic style" of forgiveness that has helped many overcome mental and physical health problems. She believes Forgiveness allows us to know our truth, speak our truth, and know when others are speaking truth. She lives and operates in Canada.

Random Assignment?

God has a plan for everything. He has a plan for our health. He has a plan for our schools. He has a plan for our prisons. He has a plan for our law enforcement. It’s time to collectively seek His plan and, subsequently, be proponents of implementing it.


Well, it’s this Love that, if we submit to it, can drive our speech, gestured, and conduct. This topic of “altruism” is obtainable if we drink from the well that never runs out. Those psychologists were partially right... we can’t NATURALLY be unselfish without disregarding our needs. God’s Love... is SUPERNATURAL. I encourage you to study these couple verses & allow it to transform your heart posture and, subsequently, your pattern of thinking…

Identifying Identity

Achilles responds, “and that’s why no one will remember your name.” Many of us look at the challenges faced simply by living completely in our purpose this way. We are scared we may lose something if we give God a complete yes, maybe our status in the world or friends that we have gathered over time.


You can’t offer others your best when your best is restricted. You can’t resemble the Love of Christ when you’re experiencing exhaustion every few weeks or every few days. Other contributing factors such as your diet and workout routine matter when it comes to being ready.

Who Are You & Who Ya Wit?!

 While learning your identity, God does not say remove everything from you. He keeps the parts of you that are of Him, even parts of your personality. One thing I did desired was to not become a new a person, but another person. God wants us to have individuality.

Trust God

Let him literally become your everything. It won’t be long before you find yourself figuratively sitting in the passenger seat of your life while God is steering you in the right direction with full control of the wheel.

The No that Saves

In churches across the world many people are dancing, shouting and worshipping for the things that God is going to do for them. They are rejoicing for what he said yes to. To which I say rejoice, for the promises of God are indeed yes and amen (2 Corinthians 1:20) but what if He says no?


In all forms of media, you can find a tug of war between the dissatisfied patriots of this country and the elated activists of ‘black rights’. Subsequently, a few days later, Nike released a two minute advertisement featuring some of it’s premier athletes, building off of that idea while addressing contradicting biases. Not to mention, the man behind this popularized phenomenon, narrated and appeared in it at the end.

Sentiments of My Masculinity

The rapid perplexity in what defines a man has consumed this world with numerous and conflicting perspectives. The grieving thing about this ideal of “morality”, is that it shifts as often as the sun sets. Different races, cultures, nationalities, etc... all war over what’s acceptable for men to wear, say, do. What we don’t realize, is that the force in the drivers’ seat of our world’s principles is intentional about advertising the instability we see today. 

What Are You Chasing After?

One of the greatest failures that people experience financially is they never seek after the Kingdom that knows the most about it. The Kingdom of heaven is full of wealth. The Kingdom of heaven is also full of wisdom to create, manage and build wealth. If we consult with God more than the voice of our ambitions and the world, most—if not all—of the world’s major financial troubles will never even become part of our conversations.

JOHN MEETS DON: A Crisis of Christianity and Political Culture

As should be obvious the Lord's answer was "yes". The response by many in the Christian community presents a shocking reality, one that personally saddens me. As we have crucified the seemingly widely beloved pastor John Gray and others we have indirectly suggested that engaging in conversation (meaningful and with reformative motives) is something that is synonymous with compromise and this, quite frankly, is a false view.