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The Expense of Cultural Education: Black America Enslaved by Master Sallie Mae

The ability or opportunity to receive or rather purchase the tool of education is a deficit in many communities. For years it has been indirectly protected that the opportunity to go to college is a gift, almost a privilege. However, it is now becoming a necessity. This, education, is something we cannot afford to not have and something many can't afford to have. Could we be indirectly saying; "you can put me in chains again, just let me sign this MPN first"?  

What Are You Chasing After?

One of the greatest failures that people experience financially is they never seek after the Kingdom that knows the most about it. The Kingdom of heaven is full of wealth. The Kingdom of heaven is also full of wisdom to create, manage and build wealth. If we consult with God more than the voice of our ambitions and the world, most—if not all—of the world’s major financial troubles will never even become part of our conversations.