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FORGIVE & LIVE FEARLESSLY: A Conversation with Dr. Joan Samuels-Dennis PH.D

In this edition of summer preview season, I talk with Dr. Joan Samuels-Dennis PH.D. She is the director and founder of Becoming Inc. She practices and teaches a "holistic style" of forgiveness that has helped many overcome mental and physical health problems. She believes Forgiveness allows us to know our truth, speak our truth, and know when others are speaking truth. She lives and operates in Canada.

The Barber's Confessional: A Conversation with Wade Menendez

Wade Menendez known around the world as “Wade the Barber” is a master barber that has been the field for over 12 years. He graduated from Avara’s Academy of Hair Design, opening his first barber salon, “The W Hair Loft” in Glen Burnie, Maryland. He has second location in the Washington, DC area (opened in the summer of 2014). I had the privilege to sit down and have one of the most transparent conversations I’ve ever participated in.


In all forms of media, you can find a tug of war between the dissatisfied patriots of this country and the elated activists of ‘black rights’. Subsequently, a few days later, Nike released a two minute advertisement featuring some of it’s premier athletes, building off of that idea while addressing contradicting biases. Not to mention, the man behind this popularized phenomenon, narrated and appeared in it at the end.

God: Uncensored

Now most traditionalist or bible believing Christians of yesterday used to ostracize musicians for playing secular music and saints for listening to it even though I remember hearing Al Green and Aretha at a lot of cookouts, I digress. By “it” I mean the cultural norm for Gospel music which has a distinct sound. Organ, drums, piano; you get it.