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God has a plan for everything. He has a plan for our health. He has a plan for our schools. He has a plan for our prisons. He has a plan for our law enforcement. It’s time to collectively seek His plan and, subsequently, be proponents of implementing it.


You can’t offer others your best when your best is restricted. You can’t resemble the Love of Christ when you’re experiencing exhaustion every few weeks or every few days. Other contributing factors such as your diet and workout routine matter when it comes to being ready.


In all forms of media, you can find a tug of war between the dissatisfied patriots of this country and the elated activists of ‘black rights’. Subsequently, a few days later, Nike released a two minute advertisement featuring some of it’s premier athletes, building off of that idea while addressing contradicting biases. Not to mention, the man behind this popularized phenomenon, narrated and appeared in it at the end.