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The Church Is His Bride

For example, with me being Church of God in Christ (COGIC) I do honor what we have done in the kingdom over the course of our history but I won’t demonize the Baptist church that we derived from. That is honor, to understand that those that came before us did not do everything right but they did lay down a foundation from what they knew was pure.

God: Uncensored

Now most traditionalist or bible believing Christians of yesterday used to ostracize musicians for playing secular music and saints for listening to it even though I remember hearing Al Green and Aretha at a lot of cookouts, I digress. By “it” I mean the cultural norm for Gospel music which has a distinct sound. Organ, drums, piano; you get it.

The Lie Lust Told Me

I write these words today hoping that the right person reads them, but not to just read another blog for publicity sake, but truly for the sake of their very soul. To warn you that it's not to late to stop now, to eradicate your chains that's keeping you bound in the very things you fought with at the age of 16, or so you won't keep fighting them at the age of 37. Lust is a raging fire that is destroying the lives of men, women, children, families, pastors, millionaires, and minds and souls throughout America.

A Talentless Christ

Many churches may not know how to train some talents and gifts, but that’s what we serve an almighty God for. To whom much is given, much is required. We cannot afford to sit on the gifts and talents that God has given us just because it doesn’t look traditional. There are gifts of influence, management, and administration amongst many others.