The Interconnection of Spirituality & Political Thought Pt.1

These were things that were virtually shunned or ignored but I was always interested in them regardless of the fact that any real pursuit in these industries would be viewed, to be “sinful”. It was in pursuing government and politics starting with the 2008 U.S. presidential election that I began to see the fallacy of liberalism as it concerned being first of all a Christian and, as well, being Black, but because everyone I knew (classmates included) were democrat or pledged allegiance to such, I kept quiet.

Eventually as the age of social media grew and I began to discover other Black people with conservative views who did not blindly (as I perceived) vote for or support the democratic party. They were freethinkers—they weren’t racists or bigots as many of my family members painted conservatives and/or republicans to be. In fact, they espoused many, if not all, of the same ideas we preached but never authentically practiced.

Though discovering this new community of likeminded individuals. Who had an unwavering faith in God but still loved “right” government I still felt much shame. Did I “betray my race” or am I being too worldly? I was confused until I began to understand that the political practice and condition of the person is not separate from the spiritual condition and position of the soul and spirit. While you may doctrinally believe a certain thing the allure and seduction of false doctrine (which goes beyond just biblical misinterpretation but extends as well to the political, social etc.) is extremely powerful.