I came into relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ at the age of nine years old. I was attending a baptismal service. The saints of God were singing; “Take Me to the water”, an old Baptist spiritual. As they began to sing, what I now know as being the presence of God, began to move on my heart. It is a feeling I’ll never forget. God spoke to me and said; “It’s time to give your life to me”. At that tender age, without any hesitation I did just that. Later that Sunday I joined my Baptist church, feeling completely different as if a thousand pounds had been lifted off of my shoulders and thankfully I’ve been living for the Lord ever since.

However, as I grew into teen-hood, though I loved God, attended church, read my Bible, and engaged in many other Christian disciplines I began to venture out into “the real world” as it was called—media, film, politics. These were things that were virtually shunned or ignored but I was always interested in them regardless of the fact that any real pursuit in these industries would be viewed, to be “sinful”. It was in pursuing government and politics starting with the 2008 U.S. presidential election that I began to see the fallacy of liberalism as it concerned being first of all a Christian and, as well, being Black, but because everyone I knew (classmates included) were democrat or pledged allegiance to such, I kept quiet. I am silent NO MORE!

Jay Shakur